The Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification is a program designed to certify you in Clinical Hypnosis.


When I first was introduced to hypnotherapy, it was your common stage hypnosis in High School (nothing like what clinical hypnotherapy is) but I loved it. I remember thinking how amazing the power of the mind is.

In graduate school I would start to listen to hypnosis to help me calm my anxiety before bed, it would help me relax and release.

Flash forward a few years after, I learned more about the power of our subconscious mind & priming our brain for what it is we desire.

I learned about the shifts it can make on a quantum and cellular level.

 I received hypnosis sessions, audios, and also became a certified clinical hypnotherapist.

I watched my clients experience massive shifts from hypnotherapy in their life, business, body, and relationships.

I began to experience my own quantum leaps.

…and here we are today.



Hypnosis is such a potent, powerful, and transformational technique. It works deep in the subconscious mind which has many prime directives to support the body & your life.

Hypnosis allows us to make change on an identity based level so we can make things happen (goals, outcomes, identity shifts) with more ease & effortlessness.

It was accepted by the American Medical Association since 1958 and the American Psychological Association in the 1960’s. It is scientifically proven and has changed the lives of so many.



After completing the certification, you’ll be able to do 1-1 hypnosis sessions, group hypnosis, self-hypnosis, create hypnosis audios, do hypnosis in the categories of personal growth/mastery, weight release, and smoking.

You’ll learn what hypnosis is, hypnosis tests, tools, scripts, self-hypnosis, the Krasner Method, and everything you need to begin adding hypnosis to your practice or creating a hypnotherapy business!



Meet The Trainer



Lily spent her life being the biggest person in the room, and shrank her personality in order to make up for the amount of physical space she took up.

In 2015, her personal healing began with a weight loss journey, which led her to personal development, which in turn led to learning about manifestation, spirituality, and the study of the subconscious mind. With a passion for sharing her story on social media, all of this turned into a thriving coaching and healing business which generated nearly half a million dollars in revenue in the first 6 years.

Lily's mission is to help women live lives with overflowing bank accounts, deeply meaningful relationships, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences on repeat, and does so through her online courses, programs, and coaching certification.

Lily grew up in the suburbs of northern New Jersey and now lives in San Diego, California.

(Certified Master Coach and Trainer of Life Coaching, NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy, EFT, and Reiki, Breathwork Facilitator)


Modules & Format Of The Program:


*watch pre-study and then attend a two day LIVE on ZOOM Hypnotherapy Training with Trainer Lily Nicole

Or attend Self-Pace Training

*watch pre-study and then submit 3 Hypnosis Sessions for Feedback & Complete your Test.
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Meet Erin

Erin Nicole Porter is an Energetics Business Coach, Master Practitioner & Trainer of NLP & Hypnosis, Breathwork Facilitator, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in Training, Adult Attachment Repair Model Therapist, and host of The Energetics of Business Podcast. 

She enjoys coaching women in her board certified coaching certification: The Quantum Ripple Effect, how to heal internally so their businesses can thrive, aligned business strategy and the energetics of business.

She is also the author of Burnout to Breakthrough and the Breakthrough Oracle deck.  

After spending years in her hustle, go-go high achieving energy, her business skyrocketed when she tapped into her receiving energy, and began to heal the parts of her she always hid back. She helps women scale through trauma informed business practices, internal healing, and understanding the energetics of business.

Erin’s clients have gone on to become multiple six figure coaches, speakers, authors, international speakers, and have had incredible internal transformation. 

She has a Masters in Education, backgrounds in Crisis Management, Student Development, and Marketing & spent time as a health and fitness coach before stepping into the mindset and business world. She lives in San Diego, CA with her two puppies, but is a country girl from small-town Ohio at heart.



Is this what you teach inside of the full Quantum Ripple Effect Coaching Certification?

Yes! Hypnosis is one of the modalities you are trained in inside of the QRE Coaching Certification. This is perfect if you’re wanting to get started with a modality, but aren’t quite ready to commit to the full certification, or if you just desire to bring in hypnotherapy only.

Here’s the magic: if you want to do the full certification after this, you can use what you invested towards this certification towards your total payment for QRE!


I hear you speak on bringing hypnosis and reiki together. I am/am not reiki attuned, how does that work?

I LOVE bringing hypnosis and reiki together in one potent and powerful session. If you are already reiki 1 & 2 attuned, I’ll show you how to do a session bringing in both modalities, or if you aren’t reiki attuned yet and this sounds amazing - then at checkout you can click the option to do reiki & hypnotherapy!


 I have some additional questions...

I love questions! Email me at [email protected] or DM me on Instagram @erinnicolecoaching


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