create a ripple effect in your life, your business, and your clients’ lives?

A transformation so massive, that it increases your sales, mindset, and you have raving testimonials that keep your client list full?

I create things I wish existed.

Which is why I’m SO excited to announce to you:


I remember when I first started learning NLP, Life & Success Coaching, TIME Techniques, Hypnosis, and EFT...


I went on to have my first 27k cash month in my business & since then have had consistent growing multiple 5 figure cash months.

I started to notice a ripple effect in my clients.

Their mindsets were changing.

They were healing at new levels with the tools and techniques.

They were scaling to 2,10,15,30k+ months


They were stepping into their power.


They were clearing limiting beliefs.

I had more tools in my toolbelt as a coach.

Their own clients were experiencing HUGE breakthroughs through their unleveling in all areas of their life: health, life, relationships, business.


We can only expect our clients to go as deep as we are willing to go and when we do this, we provide a quantum ripple effect in our coaching.

I don’t have 10k followers on Instagram, thousands on my email list, or tens of thousands in my fb group. But I can facilitate deep transformation and that is what has led me to a multiple 6 figure business.

It’s your responsibility as a coach in any capacity to be in integrity and
become the best coach you can be.

► providing a deeper transformation and has tools in her tool belt to facilitate life changing  breakthroughs 

► Helping clients clear negative emotions and limiting beliefs during a session

► Experiencing massive breakthroughs for yourself that allowed you to embrace your magic as a coach on a deeper level

► Expanding her coaching practice and programs to a place you didn’t even think was possible.

► Scaling her business to 6 & 7 figures 

► Living out her dream of being a full time coach and leaving her job

► Taking her vision board she makes every year and crossing it all off as she manifests each thing

► Having Time Freedom & flexibility to build her schedule on her terms

► Growing her Heart Centered business

► Feeling comfortable facilitating client breakthroughs in any situation

► Confident and in her POWER as a coach and the ripple effect she provides


What makes this program different?

I’ve brought on some of the top experts in the field to not only give you the 5 Certifications (and your Reiki Level 1 & 2 or Master Attunement if you aren’t attuned already), but to go even deeper into your coaching practice & your own healing.

Other Topics you will gain your own healing & Knowledge to facilitate In:

► A readiness in your heart to go deeper into your own healing

► A desire to have more tools in your tool bet to facilitate transformation for your clients

► A knowing that you’re ready to expand your business and bank account to the next level

► Curious about NLP but wanting an experience that teaches you not only the modalities, but how to infuse them into your coaching practice AND the business strategy to sell out your offers


Interested in seeing Behind The Scenes of the Program & Downloading the Full Curriculum?

Check Out Behind The Scenes of QRE!


I wanted the “timing” of this program to be when you feel good in your body about it. When you’re ready to tap into your next level coaching skills, receive deep support, and take your coaching to the next level.

This experience is a blend of online coaching & there will also be a live event included in this! If you cannot attend the live event, there will be additional opportunities for you to practice & become certified in the modalities. 

Yes, you are also qualified for certification by the IBCP & INEA in these 6 modalities.

I am also submitting this certification to be approved by additional coaching boards. I received over 500 hours in training to be a board-approved and certified trainer in these modalities on top of additional certifications in my craft, years of mentoring, coaching, and a Master’s Degree.



More Details:

More Details:


More Details:

Live Monthly Support -

This program blends in pre-recorded studies and live coaching so you can get support in all areas of your life & business and become a master at your craft. You have lifetime access to the live calls.



COACHING CALLS - Support you with Inner Work, Energy Healing, Beliefs, Energetics, Somatics, Subconscious Work that are coming up for you in Business & Life.

MODALITY CALLS - Practice the modalities, techniques, & Get feedback on questions you have about the curriculum.

BUSINESS COACHING - get feedback on business strategy, marketing, sales, systems, and whatever you are needing in your business launches and scaling!

ROOTED CONVERSATIONS - Quarterly Conversations on Diversity, Running an Inclusive Business, + Decolonizing

OFFICE HOURS - Pop in and get Q&A around any topic related to the certification, inner work, or business!


Facebook Support Community -

To get your personal, business, and certification questions asked and answers on a daily basis. This is a beautiful place to build community, get feedback, create sisterhood, collaborate, and lean into support.


The Live Event Ticket is included! This will be a 5 day immersion experience in San Diego, CA or held virutally via Zoom (during COVID-19). 


Remember, you can also do this at your own pace and do not need to attend a live event to receive your certification.


Here’s the beauty of NLP: anyone with a mind can benefit from this work. Specifically inside of QRE this will be geared towards online coaches, lightworkers, energy healers, business coaches, mindset coaches, health and fitness coaches, empowerment/success coaches, sex coaches.

Basically if you’re a coach/light worker/healer in the online space and you do ANY sort of mindset work, NLP is your next best step!

If you’re already running a business and want to bring in more modalities to your coaching, this is for you.


If you’re a BRAND new coach you’ll be getting started off on the right foot by being certified and knowing exactly how to begin a successful heart centered, and lucrative business.



Learn More about the Modalities/Certifications:


NLP Practitioner

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. You’ll be able to use all the practitioner level tools of NLP to learn how to effectively support your clients through a breakthrough/shift. NLP uses the conscious and subconscious mind to create the reality they desire. 


Clinical Hypnotherapist

By using hypnotherapy, you can install new beliefs & behaviors for your clients to make the changes they desire in their life. Hypnosis is a powerful tool to help people call in abundance, quit smoking, lose weight, and any other belief change.



Time Techniques is one of the most potent modalities I have ever experienced! If you have a client who has a negative emotion/ limiting belief that is deep rooted from childhood, past life or generational experience, they can begin to release that with this single technique! This technique supports healing memories, experiences, so you can begin to live life in an empowering way! Time Techniques can help release negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt as well as phobias, anxiety, & limiting decisions!



EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. EFT is also known as tapping. EFT is a westernized practice that was derived from Chinese Medicine specifically acupuncture and Qi Gong - to be able to release limiting beliefs & negative emotions, so you and your clients can raise their vibrational frequency & work with their energetic current for positive change.


Success & Life Coaching

Did you know coaching is a multi-billion dollar industry & every day it keeps growing and growing? With the tools in the life and success coaching portion of this certification, you’ll become a results driven coach, increase your confidence as a coach & become the coach who creates a ripple in her client’s lives & facilitates next level client results. 



Reiki is an Energy Healing Modality that connects with a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing via universal love and light.


Quantum Ripple Effect Methodology 

The QRE Method includes my signature method the “FIRES” method, energetic embodiment, and understanding the energetics of business, coaching, and supporting your clients to transform in all areas of their life.


Meet your Guest Experts:

Shannon Wooten

Shadow Work

Nicole Amaturo

Inner Child Healing

Simone McNish

Diversity & Allyship In Your Coaching Business

Melissa Lapides

Trauma Informed Coaching

Juliet Cobodo

Self Actualization vs. Allyship Training

Melanie Esperon

Connecting with your Spirit Team + Channeling

Kayley Robsham

Creating an Inclusive Business Coaching Practice

Marci Baron

Energy Healing Rituals

Ja’Nina Hamilton


Courtney Davis

Systems + Organization

Eva Glamaris

Sacred Inclusion

Mandyy Thomas

Financial Coaching

Raffaella Giampaolo

Spiritual Channeling

Alexandra Ramirez

Facebook Ads Expert

I'm Ready To Get Started! What Happens Next?


You can begin this journey anytime that you desire to are wanting to experience a massive SHIFT and ripple in your business.

After you sign up in full or on a payment plan: you’ll be welcomed into the community, receive a welcome packet online, and get a package delivered to your doorstep within 14 Days with all your welcome goodies!

You can begin working on the pre-study information, hopping onto the live support calls, and connecting in the group.

Then, you can either to completely do the certification online by watching the live replays & submitting the certification videos for feedback and certification, OR you can join one of our upcoming 5 day Live Trainings in San Diego (currently held via zoom due to COVID)

(You will want to give yourself ~1 to 3 months to watch all pre-study information before attending a live training).



 Upcoming Live 5 Day Trainings:


August 9-13

October 4-8


Meet Your Co-Coaches:


You'll receive Monthly 1:1 Coaching for 6 Sessions with a Mentor Coach & Someone to Check in with you Weekly to guide you on your transformation!


Lily Nicole

QRE Co-Trainer

Crystal Shaw

QRE Mentor Coach

Neha Jha

QRE Mentor Coach

Em Scimeca

QRE Mentor Coach

Stephanie Boyd

QRE Mentor Coach

"Y'all I just had my first serious 1:1 client apply for my intuitive mentorship and OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG ✨🥂🍾 this is so new to me but lovign every minute of it holy shit. "

"Getting my second podcast episode out, taking the leap and investing in myself, making big breakthroughs in my money mindset this week🔥🔥🔥💕"

"I am celebrating my permanent class at the Vikings Training Haus here in the Twin Cities and my first class at Lifetime this week. "

"I got my first sign up for my live online Brazilian waxing training!!!"

"I was talking about my coaching program with a woman at the airport last night and she gave me her card because she wants in 🥳🥳"

"I went to a networking event this weekend and for the first time introduced myself as a coach for extraordinary families. I met 2 moms who were like "I need you." Following up with them this week. They had such great responses and loved that it was family focused. 💕 Enrollign them in the Beta extraordinary child program. "

"Holding a pay-what-you-can Virtual Women's Circle to hold up space for people during this time and 11 people have signed up for it😭😭😭! Wow!"

You’re Going To Get All Of These Incredible Bonuses When You Join Us Inside

Ditch the DM's-4 Week Self-Paced Program (Value $555.00)

Increase your impact, ignite your personal brand & have clients knocking at your door ready to work with YOU!

  • Create a Sellable Niche using your STORY to sell! 
  • Map out a Month of Social Media Content (so you can stop saying..what should I post today?)
  • Creating your Freemium & Email Marketing Campaign
  • Growing an engaged Facebook Community
  • Organically Growing your Cold Market into HOT leads!
  •  Live Video & IG Story Strategy to Sell

Burnout to Sellout- A 6 Week Program to Launch & Sellout Your Offer (Value $1111.00)

Are you ready to sell out your launch? And create the income and impact you know you deserve? I know it's your time and I know you're worthy of it.

  • Brand your programs and Business
  • Reverse Engineer your Launch
  • Marketing Strategy (Organic)
    • Sales Copy, Sales Calls
    • Packaging your Offers
    • Customer Journey
    • Story to Sell
    • Rewiring your Money Blueprint
  • Selling on Social Media
  • Create your Course
  • Tapping into your Goddess Energy to sell from the soul
  • Not cockblocking Abundance

Speak your Truth- This is a self-paced program.(Value $444.00)

Supports you in getting your gift & message out to the world through your podcast 

  • Naming, Theme, and Pillars of Your Podcast
  • All the TECHY stuff - made EASY
  • Branding
  • Episode & Content Creation
  • LAUNCHING (because how you do this is SUPER important to get your message heard)
  • Media Kits, Collabs, Interviews, Monetizing

Infinite Income Immersion - 6 Week Program (Value $888.00)

Ready to tap into the infinite portal of receiving & shed your limiting money beliefs once and for all? 

  • 6 Pre-Recorded Modules with Journal Prompts
  • 1 Bonus Module on Sacred Selling
  • 1 Bonus Hypnosis

Burn & Release-5 Week Program (Value $777.00)

All the strategy in the world won’t get your biz or life to the next level if you aren’t doing the deep inner, healing, and energetic work so you can align with your purpose. The work you do for yourself, as a leader for your clients, and for the ripple it creates in this world.

  • The FIRES Method
  • Trusting and Surrendering in your Business
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Balancing your Masculine & Feminine Energies
  • Anchoring Celebration
  • Cockblocking Abundance
  • Boundaries
  • Playing in the Quantum Field 
  • Pleasure & Ease
  • Human Design
  • Tapping into your Goddess Energy
  • Harnessing your Sexual Energy, Orgasmic Manifesting
  • F*ck the Money Struggle
  • Burning & Releasing Limiting Beliefs
  • Tapping into Safety, Security
  • Alignment, Your Vision, Higher Self
  • Play, Pleasure, and Power
  • Business Embodiment & Energetic Foundations
  • Connecting to the Divine Feminine in your Business
  • I specifically use Alchemical Healing, Reiki, NLP, EFT, Time Techniques, Breathwork (Free Bonus) to infuse these modalities and help you bring about embodiment in your business.
  • Access to Program for Life (And all Updates)
  • Private Community for Support

Rise & Receive (Value $222.00)

Rise & Receive is the perfect program for setting you up for the new year, a new quarter, and creating an action plan internally and physically to scale your online business!


  • Current year reflection
  • Designing your upcoming year business vision
  • Rise + Receive training
  • Expansion + Elevation

Creating Consistent Content  (Value $33.00)

End the mindless, "What do I post today" and step into an unlimited flow of content creation for your social media platforms, emails, podcasts, and courses!


  • Social Media Strategy + Implementation Challenge
  • Mapping out your product
  • Repurposing possibilities 

Activate Abundance- (Value $88.00)

Ready to activate abundance in your life and business?
What you'll get:
  • Access to my 2 Hour Activate Abundance Masterclass
  • EFT for Money Beliefs
  • Live Money Date Training
  • Anchoring in Abundance Training (NLP)
  • Money Mindset Hypnosis
  • Receiving Portal Meditation
  • Bonus: Abundance Breathwork Audio

Grow Like a CEO (Value $444)

You will find so much clarity, guidance, and stepping into the next level version of you. There's nothing you need to fill out with this workbook until we begin, but if you feel called to print this out, begin to jot out some ideas, then do whatever your souls calls you to!


  • Designing your Business Vision Journal Prompts & Yearly/Quarterly Plan
  • Quarter Brain Dumps +Refinement
  • Content Creation/Flow
  • Mapping our your program + product
  • Wealth creation plan

More About Erin:

Erin Nicole Porter is a Spiritual Business Coach, Trainer & Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnosis, TIME, EFT, Life & Success Coaching, Reiki Master Teacher, a Breathwork Facilitator, and Host of the Energetics of Business Podcast. 

She enjoys coaching women in: facilitating quantum transformation through her NLP coaching certification, the Quantum Ripple Effect, how to heal internally so their businesses can thrive, aligned business strategy and energetic embodiment. She is trauma trained and supports clients through the aspects of internal healing, scaling their businesses, and becoming masters at their craft. 

 After spending years in her hustle, masculine, go-go high achieving energy, she found the less perfection she embraced, letting go & surrendering, and running her business from her soul & the divine feminine allowed her to skyrocket to a now multiple 6 figure brand.

She helps women embrace their play, pleasure, and power to increase their sales, heal, and understand the energetics of business. Erin’s clients have gone on to become six figure coaches, speakers, authors, and have had incredible internal healing and transformation.

She has a Masters in Education, backgrounds in Crisis Management, Student Development, and Marketing & spent time as a health and fitness coach before stepping into the mindset and business world. She lives in San Diego, CA with her two puppies and boyfriend, but is a country girl from small-town Ohio at heart.




The Quantum Ripple Effect is different than any other coaching certification I’ve seen. We aren’t just certifying you in NLP and sending you on your way, you’re gaining a life changing experience that embodies personal mastery, becoming a master in your craft, and marketing in an aligned way to you, and your soul. Additionally, the QRE Coaching Certification includes trainings on diversity, inclusion, social justice, and ally-ship. This is a safe space for healing, learning, and growing.


Interested in learning more about how to apply for a QRE scholarship?

Apply Here!


Meet The Graduates!



Can I take this training online?

Yes! You an do this training entirely from the comfort of your home, at the pace you need and desire.

Can I do the certification online or do I have to come to the event?

You can get certified online only, I would HIGHLY recommend coming to the event live and being in the energy!

I’m already a coach, is this for me?

If you’re looking to provide a deeper transformation with your clients and have modalities that can shift their mindset, belief system, and get better results - then you’ll want to become certified in these modalities!

I’m wanting to start a coaching business, is this for me?

YES! I wish I would have started here in my business! You’ll gain everything you need to know to scale or begin your coaching business.

What if I can’t make it to some of the live calls, will there be a replay?

Of course! This certification is a blend of live and pre-recorded trainings. Everything will be recorded for you.

What if I’m certified in some of these already, does it make sense to join?

Great question. Yes! If you feel still unsure of when to use the techniques after completing a certification elsewhere, this is where you’ll embody them even more and get additional support around how to use them in your business.

Are there payment plans?

Absolutely! We have payment plans up to a year from now, just check the sign up link for all the details.

EEK. I’m not sure if I can make the investment, but I know i’m meant to be here…

Investing and upleveling can be a big next step! I want you to feel supported and safe in your body as you up level. In this program we discuss money trauma and I'm a believer in making sure it feels aligned. A resource I love to use for investing is paypal credit w hich has fantastic rates and financing options. (link to PayPal credit)

I have some additional questions...

I love questions! Email me at [email protected] or DM me on Instagram @erinnicolecoaching



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