become a MASTER Coach that provides an even deeper and next level transformation?

A transformation so massive, that it increases your sales, mindset, and you have raving testimonials that keep your client list full?

I create things I wish existed.


If you’re ready to become a…

•Master Life And Success Coach

•Master NLP Practitioner

•Master TIME Techniques™ Practitioner

•Master Hypnosis Practitioner

•Master Reiki Teacher

•Master Quantum Ripple Effect Methodology


Imagine yourself embodying your craft on an even deeper level.

Clients jumping into your DM’s like hotcakes ready to work with you.

More time for you to be, have freedom, and enjoy life.

Seeing testimonials coming in left and right, client breakthroughs and celebrations.


A Master Quantum Ripple Effect Coach facilitates transformations easily and effortlessly.


The tools in her tool belt where becomes second nature. 


One who is embodied in her craft, sells out her programs with ease because of who she is & the ripple effect she provides.


Master Coaches are able to take the foundational principles taught in QRE Practitioner to the quantum level:


Inside of the QRE Master Coach Training, we focus on how to facilitate 6-8 hour breakthrough days, where clients will invest upwards of $1200-5000 for a day on rewriting their patterns & focusing on certain areas of life such as Health, Relationships, Family, Career, Spirituality, Business, Personal Growth and MORE!

Which is why I’m SO excited to announce to you:


As a Master Practitioner you will...

Embody deeply what you learned in Practitioner Training where everything becomes integrated as a leader, coach, and healer

Lead conversations to win/win & negative conversations for expansion

Use Advanced NLP patterns that allow you to take what you learned at the Practitioner level to the next level and even deeper in the reprogramming the subconscious mind.

Going into the patterns, subconscious beliefs, unresolved emotions, and working with things on a root level

 Working with Values, Prime Concerns, and Deep Unconscious Conflicts

 Become influential Speakers by using the NLP Speaking Format & magnetize your audience

Understanding the power of language & how to support your clients more effectively

 Learn how to use parts work, attachment, FIRES to guide your clients

 Lead & Structure powerful training programs and learn how to capture all learning styles with your audience

Learn advanced forms of hypnotherapy and rapid inductions

Stand out deeply as an online coach & mentor


 Learn More about the Modalities/Certifications:





In the Master Level of TIME Techniques™, you'll learn how we collapse time on a new level. You’ll be able to heal emotions from the past, present and future and work with your clients to make quantum leaps & achieve their desires with so much more ease!


Training  in TIME Techniques™ Advanced emotional release and Memory regression

You'll learn how to support deep emotions

how to infuse reiki & somatic work into the timelines

You will discover advanced Master Practitioner techniques, including past life regression, forensic age regression, and advanced emotional release.



In the Master Hypnotherapist portion we go deep into the subconscious mind and rewire beliefs in multiple areas of life.  


• Learn more about  brainwave states we access through the power of hypnosis

• Learn Rapid Hypnosis States so you can put your clients in a trance state

• Learn how to put your classmates in full-body catelepsy across two chairs and witness the power of hypnosis for yourself

• Work with the pendulum to communicate with the messages from your unconscious mind


Master Succss Coaches are able to take their abilities as a coach to make massive shifts & transformations with their clients. We dive deeper into the art of asking questions, holding space, and so much more! We also learn more about custom NLP models for Business Coaching, Family Sessions, Couples Coaching, and High Performance Coaching. 


You’ll also be breaking BOARDS!!!



Inside of the Master QRE Methodology, we take embodiment, energetics, and this to the next level. We dive deeper into attachment styles, embodiment practices, energy work, and developing your spiritual gifts. You’ll learn additional style and techniques for working with protectors, the 5 personality patterns, masculine & feminine energies transitioning from head space to heart space, and so much more!

Reiki MASTER Teacher


Inside of the Reiki Master Teacher, you will be able to train your own students to become attuned in Reiki.

All of this leads up to learning the most magical & life changing experience you can provide which is a whole NLP BREAKTHROUGH DAY!!




Upcoming Cohort:
 Weekly Calls Beginning August 2022 
7-Day Live Training October 28 - November 3, 2022
At the live training we will be inviting you to stay at an exclusive Airbnb with the rest of your cohort!
Say no more, I'm In!







Interested in learning more about how to apply for a QRE scholarship?

Apply Here!

More About Erin:

Erin is a business & mindset coach for female entrepreneurs. She is the host of the Burnout to Breakthrough Podcast, a Master NLP Practitioner & Clinical Hypnotherapist.
Erin also practices Alchemical Healing, Breathwork & Reiki. She enjoys teaching women about how to heal internally so their businesses can thrive, business strategy & soulful selling, and stepping into their divine power! After spending years in her hustle, masculine, go-go high achieving energy, she found the less perfection she embraced, letting go & surrendering, and running her business from her soul & the feminine, she skyrocketed to now a multiple 6 figure brand.
She’s a past Student Affairs Professional turned Fitness & Health Coach turned Business Coach. Erin lives in Southern California with her two puppies but is a country girl from the mid-west at heart.


Please note due to the nature of this certification, there are no refunds: if an issue arises you can email Erin's team at [email protected] and choose to transfer to another date in the certification



Can I do the certification online or do I have to come to the event?

You can come online or live to San Diego!

Are there payment plans?

Absolutely! We have payment plans up to a year from now, just check the sign up link for all the details.

EEK. I’m not sure if I can make the investment, but I know i’m meant to be here…

Investing and upleveling can be a big next step! I want you to feel supported and safe in your body as you up level. In this program we discuss money trauma and I'm a believer in making sure it feels aligned. A resource I love to use for investing is paypal credit w hich has fantastic rates and financing options. 

I have some additional questions...

I love questions! Email me at [email protected] or DM me on Instagram @erinnicolecoachi ng



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