Burnout to Breakthrough is a mix of stories, lessons, integration and embodiment exercises to end the cycle of burnout, perfectionism, people-pleasing, and hustling to the max to finding a way to tap into more of your receiving energy, the flow, celebration, and pleasure in life.

Written by Erin Nicole Porter, Business Alchemist and Quantum Ripple Effect® founder, a Life Coaching Certification for women.


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  • tap deeper into the energetics of receiving
  • manifest your desires, abundance, and love into your life
  • find a deep sense of freedom and purpose with wherever you desire to go
  • feel supported In your body and in connection with others
  • end the cycle of over-doing, hustling from an unempowered place, and releasing the shoulds, doubts, and overwhelm in life
  • find a new sense of self love & worthiness internally
  • step into your power & honor your boundaries
  • become fully expressed in who you are
  • come home to your truth, your alignment, and your energy 
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In this Mini Program, you'll receive access to healing audios, hypnosis, guided meditation & breathwork practices that are beautiful additions to the integration and embodiment exercises that are referenced in the book.


What's Included: 


Hypnosis for Surrendering & Releasing Control

Inner Child Reiki Infused Meditation

EFT for Releasing Overwhelm

Breathwork for Tapping into your Receiving Energy

Integrative Breathwork Practice for Expansion + Breakthroughs

Subconscious Healing Audio for Releasing Doing More to Receive

FIRES Healing Meditation

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Erin Nicole Porter is a Spiritual Business Coach, Trainer & Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnosis, TIME, EFT, Life & Success Coaching, Reiki Master Teacher, a Breathwork Facilitator, and Host of the Energetics of Business Podcast. 

She enjoys coaching women in: facilitating quantum transformation through her NLP coaching certification, the Quantum Ripple Effect®, how to heal internally so their businesses can thrive, aligned business strategy and energetic embodiment. She is trauma trained and supports clients through the aspects of internal healing, scaling their businesses, and becoming masters at their craft. 

 After spending years in her hustle, masculine, go-go high achieving energy, she found the less perfection she embraced, letting go & surrendering, and running her business from her soul & the divine feminine allowed her to skyrocket to a now multiple 6 figure brand.

She helps women embrace their play, pleasure, and power to increase their sales, heal, and understand the energetics of business. Erin’s clients have gone on to become six figure coaches, speakers, authors, and have had incredible internal healing and transformation.

She has a Masters in Education, backgrounds in Crisis Management, Student Development, and Marketing & spent time as a health and fitness coach before stepping into the mindset and business world. She lives in San Diego, CA with her two puppies and boyfriend, but is a country girl from small-town Ohio at heart.